We have decades of experience in producing films for corporations and organisations. Creative solutions with a proven track record.

We apply the same standards of professionalism to the production of every film, whether it is a new corporate image production, the description of an industrial process or an important new strategy being communicated to your staff. Or a newsflash that must be filmed this afternoon and brought online on your website today.

Because it is important that a film "works": that it conveys the right message to the right group of people in an interesting way.

Your film is a reflection of your company’s identity.

It must be interesting, thought-provoking and provide a clear message. A professional piece of work. Supporting both you and your company.

Every 10 seconds...
"Every 10 seconds another person dies of diabetes."
This is the first sentence in our film for the global campaign to secure a United Nations Resolution on diabetes.
FilmSolutions developed the script and edited the film in collaboration with the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) and World Diabetes Foundation (WDF).

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